AERCAR Ltd is taking into serious consideration all directives, laws and regulations of the Republic of Cyprus and following recommendations of WHO (World Health Organization). We have prepared and implemented the following processes and procedures for the well being of our employees and our lovely customers.

All the processes and procedures are diligently followed by all our offices across Cyprus and all our staff has been properly informed and trained. All our offices are equipped with all necessary tools to follow this policy. Hard copy manuals are available for their reference whenever necessary and for review by authorities.

Our aim is to protect the well being of our employees and customers and our philosophy has always been to provide impeccable service to our customer base.


Following the recommendations of the Republic of Cyprus we have identified the following product:


The specific product has a registered product number N-88172 and has been approved by the local authorities with registration number B-1944 (Refer to certification by the Republic of Cyprus on file).

The product is diluted in water as per the manufacturers instructions and can be used to wipe and spay surfaces with effectiveness of 2 minutes for viruses and 5 minutes for bacteria.


All our company employees are equipped with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) including face shields, disposable gloves, face masks etc. All PPE are frequently disposed off (e.g. gloves) in designated bins and frequently disinfected (e.g. face shields). All our offices are equipped with wall sanitizer dispensers for use by our customers and by our employees.


All our offices follow the government directive of 1 person per 8 square meters and floor stickers have been placed to remind our customers of the 2m precautionary measure. Signs have been displayed informing our customers of our office capacity and we strictly follow the directive.


All our associates, including but not limited to tire shops, body shops, have provided us confirmations that they follow all government directives, take all precautionary measures and they use all PPE recommended when using our cars. Once a car arrives from an external associate, disinfection procedure is followed for the safety of our employees and customers.


All fleet cars are being disinfected before and every pickup for our customers’ safety and during drop off for our employees’ safety. All cars are following the standard procedure for washing. A dedicated team is later responsible to disinfect the following areas:

  • Display touch screens
  • Dashboard
  • Buttons including the radio, electric mirrors, electric windows etc
  • Steering wheel
  • Gear stick
  • Arm rest
  • Door handles inside and outside of the car including any buttons and handles at the back seats
  • Car key
  • All fabric areas are sanitized using a steamer

Once the car has been prepared and sanitized, it is parked to its designated parking area and remains locked until the customer pickup. The key following disinfection is sealed into an envelope until handed over to the customer. The customer is then directed to his parking spot and no-one unlocks the car for any reason other than the customer. In case a need arises to unlock the car, sanitization process is re-done as described above.

Our team dedicated for washing and preparing the cars is equipped with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and all PPE are frequently disposed/sanitized.

Our team uses disposable paper towels for sanitizing, which are disposed off following sanitization.

All our cars carry a dated sanitization certificate placed in the car for the customers’ inspection upon pick up.


Our shuttle bus is being washed and sanitized on a daily basis. All dashboard area is being wiped before and after every ride to the airport. All shuttle bus drivers are equipped with PPE which are frequently disposed/sanitized.

We further following the directive of the government for the maximum capacity in our shuttle buses as follows:

  • 9 seater bus – maximum 5 passengers including the driver
  • 7 seater bus – maximum 4 passengers including the driver

We have added additional buses and bus drivers to accommodate rush hours. We transport the drivers of the cars on the first round to speed up the rental process, and a second bus round is made to pick up the remaining passengers.


We rent and we therefore sterilize before every rental to the customer the following accessories.

  1. GPS
  2. Baby seats, booster seats
  3. Phone chargers/stands (provided free of charge)

All baby seats are washed at 90 degrees after every use and we therefore have equipped our stock with sufficient baby seats to cover the washing downtime. All accessories are wrapped in shrink film following sterilization until rented out to the customer.


All our offices are frequently cleaned and sterilized. All hard surfaces (e.g counters) are sanitized after every customer leaves, all our sofas and office chairs are sterilized using a steamer on a daily basis and toilets are cleaned and sanitized 3 times a day. Our employees use all appropriate PPE and all our cleaning tools (e.g mops and cloths) are sanitized after cleaning the office. For hard surfaces, paper towels are used which are disposed off, following the cleaning procedure.


All our staff has already been tested negative for COVID-19. In case we are informed of a positive COVID19 employee or customer, we have an agreement with an external professional company to immediately disinfect all our premises. This includes the car rented out and the shuttle bus. Our reservation system, our processes and procedures allow us to easily trace the employees, associates and customers who drove the rented car or came into contact with the infected person and therefore we will cooperate with the government authorities to test and trace everyone who could potentially be infected in such case.


We are continuously monitoring this currently evolving situation, we are keeping up to date and comply with all Government directives, laws and regulations. This policy has been prepared in May 2020 and is frequently reviewed and updated.

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